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Project Description

Sheldon Mountain House Experience

Stand where few have had the opportunity. Rest in the raw beauty of Alaska mountains, and savor the stillness and purity of this place. A pristine vista located at 6,000 feet on the slopes of mighty Denali, claimed long ago by intrepid mountaineer and pilot Don Sheldon, and held by his family to this day.
Begin your adventure in the small town of Talkeetna, launchpad for climbers attempting to summit Denali. Savor a 30-minute scenic flight by helicopter across the forested lowlands before climbing above alpine tundra and entering the realm of Denali itself.
Breaking free from the boundaries of the Great Gorge, take in the vast expanse of Sheldon Amphitheater before reaching the small outcropping of rock, a nunatak, that will be your perch. Step from the helicopter and drink deeply the sights and sounds of the mountain. Enjoy a meal of traditional climbers’ fare in the comfort of Sheldon Mountain House (or outside, if you prefer), and hear stories of mountaineers who frequented this place.
Return to the helicopter for a stunning 30-minute flight around craggy peaks in Denali’s shadow before a gentle landing back in Talkeetna.